How to choose the right Commercial Cleaning company?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Here are a few recommendations to make this process a little easier to decide how to choose the right commercial cleaners for your facility;

  1. Review your cleaning specifications prior to asking for quotes. If your cleaning is of a poor standard make sure ALL the cleaning tasks you need- are included. Be very specific- Do you need the cleaners onsite at a particular time, to wear a uniform, collect dishes, clean marks on walls, clean inside of cupboards or even sanitizing of surfaces? Take into consideration your work environment; Will you be increasing staff numbers? Do you expect the current specifications to change? How will you know if the cleaning is being done correctly? Who will clean the windows or carpets? That is why this first step is VERY important.

We encourage our clients to give us their wish list and suggest items they may have missed. Often cleaning companies come in to a prospective client, fill out a check list without discussing the real client cleaning requirements. We have clients with very different "Absolute needs" Example: A board room being spotlessly cleaned, another focuses on dish washing as being important. The point is to avoid disappointment start on the right foot first a be specific. Having a well written document is essential.

2. Now you have this document ready, send it out to a variety of commercial cleaning companies. Choose a Large, Medium and Small sized business.

Now you have your quote its time to choose your provider.

  1. Check, Check, Check. Your cleaning quote your receive should very closely match your own cleaning requirements. If not then you need to make sure you understand it. Companies will baffle you with words so do those words match your cleaning specification? Did they leave anything out? Make any changes now not after you appoint a cleaning company.

  2. Ask each company, how much time they have allocated to clean your site per week/month. Some companies will have a high number and others will be low.

  3. Check the pricing. Yes, check this next. Franchises are cheaper than non-franchise companies. They work on a sell off basis so will always come in cheaper.

  4. Work out if the cleaning hours are actually doable to achieve the right outcome. The cleaning time onsite is so important to ensure you get the cleaning outcome you need. So if there is a low quote and high onsite hours- chances are it wont work out. The first thing cleaning companies will do is cut onsite hours to meet budget. They wont usually cut profit margin.

For us, we don't sign our clients into any term contracts. We have a "Service Level Agreement". We focus on delivering a quality service, if we meet client expectations then they have no reason to leave us. Fixed term contracts can get messy between client & provider when things go wrong.

5. Check their compliance items ( Training, Monitoring, Invoicing, OSH)

6. Now make a decision on your service provider but be prepared to change companies if they are not a match or are not performing as expected since they started. Furthermore if you have any issues contact the cleaning supplier asap- don't let issues brew and grow bigger!

If you need advice or help preparing or evaluating your cleaning quotes, contact me directly. My advice is always free.

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